Day 2: the Louvre and Jardin d'acclimation

Leah and Julia: we went to the museum and we had no fairy fails except our feet hurt. Biscuit and marshmallow had a very fun time there. We saw a picture of Mona Lisa. We saw a queen and a princess and a king with other people. We saw a painting with a dog and a man and a child who was 4 years old. We learned about Jesus. There were a lot of pictures of Jesus. We got bored of Jesus pictures. 

mommy/sharon: After a lovely breakfast in which Leah gorged on croissants and both kids rejected French grape juice, we came to the Louvre. My French is ridiculous.

Note on accessibility: We probably shouldn't have bought tickets because France has an amazing handicapped accessibility policy that allows an accompanied person to enter the museum for free. Leah's been using her cane so well- it's amazing how much freedom it gives her outdoors, and even indoors, on stairs, and as a visible marker to strangers and staff to give her a bit of space, let us stay together, and move her a bit to the front. It lets us all-and maybe especially me- be able to relax, have fun, and spend time without holding hands.

Leah also gave us the world's greatest view of the Mona Lisa. We spent most of our time in the Florentine/Italian Remaissance.

This afternoon, after we drop our things at my friend's house, we're heading over to the Jardin d'Acclimatation to play on the splash pad. There's a heat wave here. Posting photos below. 


Dining a la terre


Jesus fatigue


Day 3: Versailles

Day 1: Arrival, collapse, and the Eiffel Tower

Day 1: Arrival, collapse, and the Eiffel Tower