Day 3: Versailles

Leah: it was beautiful! We got to see the queen's little house and her big castle! I learned that the queen was a queen and she did not want to marry the person she married. There were no fairy fails except our feet hurt and I got a rash from my necklace. I could see my reflection in the Hall of Mirrors.

Julia: it was stupid and dumb.   it was beautiful. The most beautiful thing was her bed. Our feet hurt. It was so gross, we saw the toilet. ew.

Sharon/mommy: Versailles was as lovely as anyone would expect an 18th century palace with no air conditioning to be in the middle of a heat wave during peak tourist season. During our day there, the girls were taught about monarchic rule, arranged marriages, the enlightenment, the role of the French in the American revolution, and how people used the commode prior to modern plumbing. Their takeaway was as recorded above. 😃

But really-we had a lovely visit. The quality of the light here is acutely piercing compared to Boston, but Leah continues to learn to use her cane well. I find that that my knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology is completely inadequate for dealing with Renaissance sculpture. I had never been to the Salon des Batailles, which was a gigantic artistic homage to 10 centuries of war-mongering, bloodshed, and destruction, both impressive and fascinating. The wide open paths in the gardens were lovely to visit, and we rented a golf cart to get a view of the  whole estate.  The girls also spent some time doing cartwheels and ballet leaps on the great lawn. The expected meltdown happened at 5:09pm. Right on schedule! Here's some photos!




In the gardens. 


Special visitors to a fountain. 


So freaking hot here!

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