Day 4: Crepes, Double-Decker Buses, and Scootering in the Park

Mommy/Sharon: Well, after being virtuous little tourists for several days, it was time for some slowing down. We are staying with my Peace Corps friends Monica and Alex and their three children, and we spent the morning doing laundry and sticker books. Then, I was given a stern "you promised but you NEVER!!!...." about my apparent parenting failure to deliver on long-promised crepes. So - that was our day. We had a meal at an actual restaurant that didn't include French fries (Leah joke: What do they call French fries in France? FRIES!!!), and the obligatory crepes were provided. Question from girls- why are crepes smaller here then at home? 

Julia had a wish to ride around Paris on top of a double-decker tour bus, so we did that. Then some tea time, postcard buying, and a return to Monica's house, where Monica's children taught Leah and Julia to ride scooters. 

Leah: There was a fairy fail. I drank 4 cups of black tea! It had caffeine in them so I was crazy! I called Julia a lemon 🍋. We got to eat crepes! The bus ride was nothing. We had a movie night. Riding scooters was really great!

Julia: knock knock! Who's there?... How do you say French fries in French?... FRENCH!!!!    there was Boring boring French music on the bus ride.  Movie night was fun in my opinion.




Buses and audio-guides


Scooting! Julia


Scooting! Leah


Our hats turn into bonnets! 


Fashion forward!  

Day 5: Travel business, a bad day, and a beautiful outdoor dinner with fireworks in the evening

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