Day 5: Travel business, a bad day, and a beautiful outdoor dinner with fireworks in the evening

Sharon/Mommy: some of you may know that we had a gap in our itinerary for the period in between our planned trip to Disneyland Paris and Rome. After several listless discussions, the girls got very excited about the idea of going to London. When I asked them what we would do in London, Julia said, "We can eat marmalade!" I've always been up for the idea of traveling across international boundaries to have a snack, so it was a trip to London to plan.

After a lot of confusion on the Paris Metro, we got to the Gare du Nord to book Eurostar tickets and close our rail travel gap to get down to Rome. I love train stations-the massiveness of them, their light, the open bays leading to the next adventure. The girls imaginations were piqued, while they were simultaneously bored waiting for me to get tickets. Then- a long sequence of boring routine activities. Repairing their ID necklaces, going to the pharmacy, trying to tourist a bit and getting lost, getting yelled at 3 times by cranky French people, playing on a playground, and going to visit the Mecca of candy treats at Fauchon.

As happens with travel, the worst days can have the best of endings. Monica and Alex took us to an outdoor dinner at a golf resort in the middle of the  Seine on l'ile Fleurie. The children ran free until midnight while fireworks lit up the sky, and ate and drank and chatted by candlelight. It was beautiful, and unforgettable, and almost exactly av scene from a Matisse painting.

Leah:   The train station was boring but good. I had a chocolate bread (a viennoise).  All mommy did was get tickets! But we got to play for a while. The fireworks were awesome. 

Julia: We had a fairy fail. Everyone spilled drinks on themselves. we got soda. I got orange soda. leah got sprite. We played Harry Potter. The fireworks were amazing. 



Lunch near Gare du Nord. Girls agree that hamburgers (steak hache) and French fries are better in France then in the US. 


Watching fireworks. 


Watching fireworks with Savannah.  

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Day 6: Disneyland Paris Part 1

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