Day 6: Disneyland Paris Part 1

Day 6: Disneyland Paris Part 1

Leah:  There was a fairy fail. We were too small to go on the Indiana Jones ride. Too bad, so sad. Julia wanted to go really badly.

Julia:  It was fun! We got ice cream. I got to try mommy's chocolate covered waffle. We went on rides. We swam in the indoor swimming pool at our hotel!

Sharon/mommy: I had the plan to give the kids a couple of pure fun days before more cultural travel, so we are at Disneyland Paris. Between the pirate ship and water slides in the hotel swimming pool and ball pits and mazes in a jungle adventure room, I'm having trouble getting the kids out of the hotel. 

Even so, last night we went to Disneyland Paris. It's very pink, very pretty, and very clean. Unlike Orlando, the weather is great, the crowds are not particularly noteworthy, and you can get a decent beer a la pressIon. The food is still terrible though, and I have to spend much of my time swatting off requests for dress-up dresses (which are also better made than in the US and sized for primary school-aged children). God bless our attempts to export American consumerism.

I'm not sure why I am surprised by this, but its also very Francophone. All snack vendors shut down at dinnertime across the whole park, it's attached to a Europe-wide and regional rail system, and everything is easier.

Best of all, continuing our otherwise wonderful treatment her in France, they give a park-wide pass to people who are pregnant or handicapped so that they can have fast entry to all rides. This--as you may imagine- is a game changer in the Disneyland experience. The level of distinction between disabilities is really remarkable. See photo below.

Full disclosure- I have deliberately wrecked my kids' sleeping schedule so that they are waking at 10 and going to sleep at 11 or midnight. It isn't dark  here until after 10:30, and Leah really starts to be able to see at around 7. My feeling is-why take her to Europe if she can't actually see Europe? I'm praying that jet lag will help me make necessary corrections when we get home.







Disneyland is pink! Julia feels all is right with the world now. 


Main Street. 




As adults, we forget the incredible magic of being awake late at night, standing at the edge of a water show with changing lights and colors, choreographed to the sound of music. To us, it's a bit cheesy. But these girls were riveted, and overwhelmed with joy. 

image.jpg I know it's all technical bureaucratic, but it makes you feel... cared for. 


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