Days 7&8: Disneyland Day 2, my phone gets stolen, it gets found again, and we go to London

Leah: The second day at Disney was horrible. There was a fairy fail. Momma lost her phone. The rides were very fun and the Snow White ride was the best. The police station was cool! Coming to London was amazing. I thought my neck was being stretched out by my backpack. This is one of the best meals we've had yet! (sliders and fish and chips). We stayed in an amazing apartment. The end. 

Julia: Yesterday was boring.  I liked when mommy taught us to hand wash laundry. I liked Disney but the Snow White ride was creepy. I liked the Pinocchio ride!  The police station was horrible. Riding on the Eurostar was so boring, it was just like riding on a plane. This potato is so yummy, it's too yummy. I just love peas.

Mommy/Sharon: So, yesterday was ok. The kids are kind of over Disney, except for Leah and her costumes. We did some washing, playing on playgrounds, and swimming, and then went to Disney, where 3D rides almost made me puke, while they did nothing for Leah at all because she can't see red or blue. Still, late summer evenings are lovely.

And yeah. I lost my phone. Or it was stolen. I have no idea. I suspect the latter because it was found on a bus in a town I've never been. Fortunately, Find my Iphone worked, I put in a French message asking for someone to connect me, and I kept pinging the phone every four hours. It ended up at a police station in a small town outside of Paris.

Today was a difficult day of travel on insufficient sleep with heavy back packs. I was so eager to take the Eurostar under the English Channel, and then slept through the whole thing. But when we boarded at St. Pancras, we were just two blocks away from the very wonderful Royal National  Institute of Blind People, who sorted us out with an heir and a spare cane tip after we left ours in a Paris taxi. Leah's kind of annoyed annoyer with the b-word just now.

So, finally in London, where it is cold, rainy, and dreary and I am so much happier,  climactically speaking. The girls are doing great when they aren't actively beating on each other. They are really into the ongoing existence of a real monarchy. We are in a lovely little Mayfair apartment and we are looking forward to a lovely stay with a lot of cozying and exploring and reading books.

AND! Ten years of subliminal training by Greig had resulted in the the three of us finding London to be a culinary wonderland, and my kids feel that they were half starving to death in Paris.


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