Day 9: London

Leah:  Someone asked for money today. We don't know why. We are trying to guess why she asked for money. Anyway, biscuit and marshmallow are having so much fun today. We got to see the queen's palace but the fairy fail was that we didn't get to go in it. Too bad, so sad, I wanted to go so much and see the queen. But we couldn't. Mommy made up a new thing. Its "ha ha. Its so funny, i forgot to laugh." 

Julia: Aah. I tried to get pita bread but it didn't work. The pita bread is really yummy. Today I got to guide Leah and Mommy on walking home because we had no idea where we were going. I laughed so much I have the hiccups again. 

Mommy/Sharon: notwithstanding the above summaries, we did a bit of tourism today. We saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, which was a bit boring, and we went to Westminster Abbey, which was totally riveting for me and Leah, but crazy dull for Julia. We saw Big Ben and Westminster, which is under heavy guard. The level of militarization is more visible in France then here.

By now, the girls are pretty well covered on the basics of World Wars I and II, human reproductive processes, the female reproductive cycle, the idea of parliament and prime ministers, national languages, and national cuisine. But I'm pretty sure all they remember is the last thing they ate. Ah well. At least they will come home with a reasonable understanding of table manners and an ability to distinguish between their left and their right.

I also now keep Harry Potter on queue on my phone and just start reading a new chapter whenever they start hitting each other. It seems to work so far. 



Goofing off at Westminster Abbey. 


Biscuit makes fun of the guards. 


Buckingham Palace. "Can I poop in the queen's toilet?" "No." "Why not?" "Because." 

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